8192 buffer setting/cpu performance

I understand that cpu usage when using daws are not measured by cpu meters as they are measured by the buffer size etc, if I used a buffer of 8192, wouldn’t I get more performance from my cpu since it will give the cpu more time to process the audio, also wouldn’t I be able to neatly maximize the cpu cores when running a session, I don’t know if any buffer sizes above 8192 but I assume if there was I would actually be able to hit maybe almost 100 percent cpu usage if I am using it heavy particularly in large sessions for film, tv etc. There’s times where dsp usage gets high but cpu meter is nowhere near 100 percent but I just change buffer settings and I’m good to go. Also does using high buffer settings cause any lag or reduce percentage in plugin guis or meters

Ok a little difficult to follow your question, but I tihnk the answers are:

  1. Yes higher buffer size will allow you to process more, and allow for more work to be done by the CPU as it has a longer window of time.

  2. A faster CPU will still improve things, even though the DSP measurement from Ardour is not just processing but also a window of time, the faster cpu will process more in the same window, at least in theory

  3. Yes increasing buffer size increases latency. But really this only comes into play if you are live processing audio or playing a MIDI instrument as the latency is accounted for in recording.

  4. Increased Buffersize and Meters… well I would think that would depend on the plugin code in question, theoretically it shouldn’t make a difference I would think.


Oh ok, I was told that certain buffer settings causes things to slow down but I don’t think that’s the case.

Smaller buffer size = the less time the CPU has to process the audio = the slower your system runs (because the CPU is running harder).

In theory, there are maximums to your buffer size for certain sound cards. Mine is 2048 with a Behringer UMC404HD.

There are no buffer sizes that JACK supports above 8192 but that’s like 30ms of delay or more I believe.

Oh ok good to know, I have noticed as well certain sound cards support certain buffer sizes

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