7.1 ardour-vst-scanner

Hi, running on @GMaq’s baby, and normally when I run a VST scan, I get to scanning /usr/lib/vst/distrho-ports/drowaudio-flanger.so, which hangs for whatever reason, so I skip it, but now with 7.1, I tried to create a new session, and it went into a background VST scan, which, of course, got to that flanger, and sat there. Is there a place I can disable this VST scan, or is this a bug? Didn’t see a similar entry in Mantis. Thanks!

Hmmm, that Plugin is annoying AF, I really should just remove it from the Package… It’s not a great Plugin, it’s not going to work with Ardour anyway so maybe just removing it from the system is the best most drastic solution…

It resides in /usr/lib/vst/distrho-ports if you’d like to delete it…

That should not happen. VST scans time out.

I believe you. I’ll admit I didn’t wait forever :slight_smile: But I was trying to record an idea I had, and I ended up killing the processes and starting 6.9. What is the timeout, by the way? And I just tried again, and… it started up, said it was indexing the LV2 loveliness, and I got the edit console. Maybe just a one-off.

Last time, I had:
me! 36929 2722 6 14:23 ? 00:00:38 /opt/Ardour-7.1.0/bin/ardour-7.1.0
me! 37101 36929 1 14:24 ? 00:00:08 /opt/Ardour-7.1.0/lib/ardour-vst-scanner -f -f /usr/lib/vst/distrho-ports/drowaudio-flanger.so

And I waited a good 5 minutes, at least, which is forever when waiting for something to start :slight_smile: I’ll keep an eye on it. Thanks! And I’ll delete the flanger library.

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