7.0-rc1 tagged, final call for translation updates

Ardour 7.0-rc1 was tagged a short time ago, which means we are now in a string freeze until the 7.0 release takes place (hopefully in about a week).

This is last call for translation updates for 7.0. A few new strings crept in during recent development work, and numerous languages have not yet been updated.


But I can’t see v7 in the tracker so I try to post some bugs here (just compiled latest sources):

First the biggest bug: SOLO DOES NOT WORK: Ardour7 - solo doesn't work - YouTube

I have more like this. Maybe someone will be interested…

Does manually muting work?
What are the mute-points? right click on a mute, is “mains out” enabled?
See also Preferences > Signal Flow > Default Muting Options

PS. nice bike!

The rule on reporting bugs anywhere except IRC still applies. v7.0 will not appear in the tracker until released.

Solo definitely works - just tested. Where does this this session come from? Ardour 6.9 ?

Is MIDI Format 1 also integrated? Where can I save multiple MIDI tracks in one MIDI file?

So no bug reports for RC builds?

Yes, Ardour supports MIDI Format 0 and 1 when reading files.
Export however is per track or region.

I removed preferences directory under ~/.config/ardour7
and after that it works again. Sorry to bother you. :frowning:

Another possibility: The Solo-In-Place cut level (Prefs > Monitoring > Solo, or a knob on the monitor-section)

Robin . . . Thank you for your quick response. But, that’s not the answer I was hoping for. :roll_eyes:

If you had written that Ardor from version 7.0 can export multiple MIDI tracks in one MIDI file, that would have been terrific. :nerd_face:

You can not have everything. Everything takes its time. :cowboy_hat_face:

Does version 7.0 include at least one stem export for MIDI files?

Can’t wait, will it run on m1 or do we need to use terminal to unlock the app

x42 and I are in principle opposed to paying Apple for the priviledge of their blessing.

We might change our minds about this, or we might not. Unclear at this point.


Oh ok, does that mean ardour will still have a m1 version but will need to bypass gate keeper ?

Yes (and also M2), and yes, with

xattr -rd com.apple.quarantine ~/Downloads/Ardour-*.dmg
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Oh ok that’s fine for me

Does version 7.0 include at least one stem export for MIDI files?

Good day,

is it safe now that a STEM export for MIDI files is integrated into Ardor 7.0? Or is the STEM export for MIDI files not integrated in Ardor 7.0 after all?

According to the tracker entry 0007071: MIDI tracks not available for stem export - MantisBT i’d say yes, it will be there.

Good day,

thank you for your answer to my question. I visited the internet link and found that patch files are also available for download.

I would like to install @marcan’s patch file. But since I have no idea how to install this patch file and have absolutely no idea about programming, I have no idea for that either.

How do I install this patch file? Or do I have to copy this patch file to a specific folder? How does this work on Windows and Linux? Do you have an idea?