64bit ready?

Is ardour ready for 64bit environment?
I got a AMD64, and is pondering installing a 64bit distro, but I don’t really know how this will affect my setup of alsa/jack/ardour etc…

Any input on this would be greatly appreciated.

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Ravn Revheim

ardour was ready for 64 bit environments 2 years ago. it has been run on opterons, dual opterons and other 64 bit platforms by many people.

An easy way to get started is to download 64studio (www.64studio.com)

It has all the basics (RT/ALSA/JACK/Ardour/JAMIN/Muse/Rosegarden) working right out of the box.

Looks interesting, I will definitely have look at that
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I can testify – got AMD64-FX55 a while ago on dual PCI-X (for 4-screens) around summar last year… Installed SLAMD64 (64-bit distro based off Slackware) 10.2 – compiled everything from scratch and no problems with anything Ardour, Jack, LADSPA, plugins, (etc.) – Even ran UT2004-amd64 to benchmark.

I did switch back to 32-bit because of the lack of 3rd party 64-bit FireFox plugins and ins
talling a duplicate set of 32-bit libs (32-bit FireFox, and the rest from Pango, expat, libICE, etc… as well as re-bit gnu ld/libc stuff) – started taking more memory

And running even one app in 32-bit on an AMD64 bit machine with Linux kernel (that has 32-bit support enabled) slows things down. (the whole system)

BTW> UT2004 (32-bit) benchmarks where about the same (no big difference, within 0.2%)…

Totally off topic, but there is a plugin for firefox/mozilla/netscape to act as an adapter between 64 bit broswers and 32 bit plugins

See http://tracker.ardour.org/view.php?id=1124


Now am using ardour. But it was ok. May be a solution is around in near future.
will except soon :slight_smile:

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Nope… not as far as I know. I run a 64 bit distro, however, to be able to use any 32 bit plugins within firefox (flash player, for example), it’s necessary to run a 32 bit browser instead of the 64 bit version.

Simply run the firefox 32 bit binary. Then you can use any 32 bit plugins with it.