61 key Novation or M_Audio?

I would like buy a 61 key-midi for using with Ardour/Linux,
the M-Audio Oxygen 61 seem mapped with a preset script, Novation no, but the hardware seem more “solid” like others Novation products that I have.




I have no experience with the Novation, but a couple of years ago I bought an Oxygen and it had very cheap and rubbery faders and it had a defective F# key so I returned it and bought an AKAI MPK-61 which is a far more robust unit (although admittedly it cost more) and I submitted a MIDI map for it which is also included in Ardour so that is another option…

I thought there was a Novation MIDI map in Ardour though, perhaps not for the 61 key model…?

thanks GMaq
there is a script for Novation but is for another product, I think a Launch Control Surface.

I’m using the Novation Impulse 25 and I can say that it feels VERY solid. Much more solid than the Oxygen I tried at the store. Overall very satisfied with the Impulse, and the useful arpeggio on it came as a nice surprise bonus.

Ok, I have bought a Novation LaunchKey 61 (the last model), just connect with Jack and the keyboard works in Ardour/linux, pinch/modulation/octave-+ works without trouble.
I have tried the Oxygen in the store, the bonus was the control surface script inside the Ardour, but seem very cheap object.

thanks at all.