6.7 snapshot switching crashes

When switching to previous snapshot it says: Session "/home/user/something (snapshot something) did not load succesfully. Port registration failed.

  • Error: unable to create port ‘LTC in’: failed constuctor.

Strange, I do not use or plan to use LTC.
AV- linux, just now I can’t recall which one.

Does that happen only when switching snapshots, or also if you directly load that snapshot after starting Ardour?

“LTC in” is a reserved port-name (always present), perhaps it was accidentally saved in the older snapshot, I dimly recall a bug related to that, but that was a while ago, and only present in some git revisions.

Would you mind opening a bug report at tracker.ardour.org and attach the .ardour snapshot file that exhibits the issue?

I just run a fast test. No crash if plain Alsa was used when starting a session. Later I was able to go back to Jack and no crash.

I try make a bug report soon as I can.

Thank you

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