5-piece band live recording and video (P!nk and Passenger covers)

Hi there!

Here’s two videos that were made with Ardour. Well, the audio was made with Ardour, the video was done in Lightworks – both on Kubuntu/kxStudio 18.04:
A cover of P!ink’s „Try“: https://youtu.be/avoU8rG-GZE
A cover of Passenger’s „Anywhere“: https://youtu.be/s8z780DSIPc

Mics were AKG C7 condensers for all vocals. Audio Technica AT4041 as overheads. Line Audio CM3 inside the cajons. For the Udu I don’t know, the guy brought something that was hidden inside.

Most important plugins used: x42eq, Voxengo Voxformer (WinVST vocal channel strip), sKnote DistoS (Distressor-style WinVST compressor, I like it on bass and guitars), IR2:LV2 with the M7 impulse responses for all reverbs.

For mastering I usually combine the Harrison multiband compressor, or their spectral compressor with Voxengo Elephant (good mastering limiter, WinVST). Sometimes I add a very little of the Voxengo CRTIV Tape Bus. However, for these recordings, I simply passed them trough an old TC Finalizer Express which I had hooked up via spdif.

The audio was recorded live via a Soundcraft Impact console via USB directly into Ardour.

Boy, Ardour has grown, and so have I,… looking back at using Ardour 2.x in my beginnings in 2006… keep on rocking, folks!



Thanks for sharing, sounds great! :slight_smile: love from Norway! <3