5.4 upgrade MIDI file tempo issue

I’ve encountered the issue with n/8 meter MIDI files playing back at the wrong speed now I’ve upgraded to 5.4 (the recordings were done in earlier 5.x series versions of Ardour).

The 5.4 release notes mention a utility to correct these files, how can I get my hands on that?

I asked about this on the mailing list but got no response to the question of whether I could use the correction utility.

Thanks in advance.

It seems that the bundles from ardour.org don’t include this utility (fix_bbtppq), however your distro may include it.
I’m happy to convert your session for you if you’re stuck.
In order to do this, i need is the entire session folder as a zip or similar.
Please contact me via mainsbridge at gmail dot com and we can sort something out.

Sorry for the delay in replying.

Thanks. I’m using UbuntuStudio 16.04 LTS, which I think is still on the 4.x series. I have the KXStudio repos installed and so apparently have 5.3.5 installed from there, but I couldn’t find the utility anywhere on my system (where should it be?).

I ended up re-recording the midi parts. I don’t think I have any other affected sessions so I think I’ll be okay, but thanks again.