5.12.0 "Stable" for PowerPC

Hey all,
I just installed 5.12.0 on a few machines in my studio. For consistency’s sake I’d like to put the same version on my G4 & G5 too (currently have 4.8.x on the G5, the G4 is new. And yes, it’s running Leopard.)

The only PPC download I can find is the nightly build, currently 6.0-pre603.

I understand the PPC build is still considered “experimental” and not really part of the stable branch, but I’d just like the version I’m using to match up so I can share project files.

Can I get 5.12.0 PPC anywhere?


I’ll pin the nightly builder to Ardour 5.12 and launch build (note that it does need OSX 10.5).

You can find the build at http://community.ardour.org/files/Ardour-5.12.0-ppc.dmg

Got it, thanks tons!

I’ll be setting this up on my thoroughly-upgraded dual-G4 1.7GHz with a 4-in/4-out MIDI interface that doesn’t have working drivers for anything over OS/X 10.8. Perfect combo IMHO. :slight_smile:

HUGE props for keeping Ardour going on PowerPC. I am of the firm opinion that these are still great machines & can still do a ton of useful work today.

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