5.1 and NM mixing in Ardour?

Hello everyone,

I’m currently working as the sound designer and mixer on a short film and I’ve been asked by the director to do their sound in 5.1 . I looked into it on the forums but I only found a post from 2013 on the matter.

How about now, how viable is Ardour for NM? I will add that I pretty much only have access to Ardour anyway so if you have tips on how to achieve it I’d love to hear them.

I was going to split it in 3 busses: one 4 channel for the LR SL SR channels, one mono for the C channel (since it’s honestly just going to be used for a few dialogues) and one mono for LFE (which I might use for swells of the sea in the movie).

Maybe there are plugin solutions as well, like IEM for ambisonic?

Thanks for reading,

EDIT: I just saw the patchnotes for 7.4, the downmixing is gonna be very hand.

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