4K Monitor font issue

I’m evaluating Ardour 5 on Linux on a 4K monitor. After adjusting the GUI in Preferences, everything looks great except:

  1. the words “Stopped” and “Sprung” which don’t fit in the narrow slot; they’re too tall – and if I reduce the interface to get them to fit, everything else is too small; and

  2. The lettering for the Rulers (Timecode, Bars:Beats, etc.) which are very squished (they barely fit) and therefore very unattractive.


what version are you testing? The shuttle controller text should be improved in 5.5 … the rulers … we could use a screenshot …

Version 5.5. I’m happy to provide a screenshot but I don’t see and attachment option for these posts.

The shuttle control was re-worked in Ardour 5.5-358 – short of waiting for 5.6 a https://nightly.ardour.org/ may help

Tried the nightly build (5.5.685). The new shuttle is perfect! However, the ruler fonts are still scrunched and the transport bar (while perfectly functional and clear) is smaller (the buttons). If someone could tell me how to attach snapshots, I’d be pleased to do so.


The Drupal forum software is …er…uhm… not very ‘convenient’. You’ll need to put your screenie on some sort of image web host, Google drive or Dropbox are also options and then post a link here, there is no attaching of files unfortunately.

The main toolbar was overhauled. It should look like http://robin.linuxaudio.org/tmp/a55_new_transport.png
The main case was to reduce the overall vertical height requirement of it and to remove controls that are editor specific. There’s Preferences > Appearance > Toolbar to tweak it.

As for posting images, there are also various web-services around e.g pix.toile-libre.org imgur.com tinypic.com just to mention a few.

Version: 5.5.701 on Linux Mint 17 on Dell 24" 4K monitor

In general, it looks great! Very professional.


  1. Transport buttons are still too small. Perhaps a little more vertical height would do it.
  2. Shuttle control is perfect and looks great.
  3. Rulers are unusable. Way too scrunched vertically. They need about 1/2" more vertically and the Timecode font needs to be 1 or 2 pts larger, a bit more like the Nudge size above it.

Hope that helps.


PS: the toggle between editor and mixer works beautifully.

PPS: In the ruler, the font size for the meter 4/4 and tempo 120.000 (which are actually quite readable) are larger than the font size for the labels “Meter and Tempo”. So, for example, the 4/4 overlaps the ruler space for Tempo and the 120.000 overlaps the ruler space for Range Markers. It’s a real mess.

Version: rev 5.5-725-g987c1cb
OpenSuse Leap 42
Dell P2415Q monitor

Rulers need more height. Can’t read and Meter and Tempo overlap.

(I won’t post any more as I don’t want to be a pest.)

Posting about this doesn’t help much without screenshots. File a bug at tracker.ardour.org and attach them there, perhaps?

Thanks. I’ve filed a bug and uploaded a picture.