47 atmospheric pad samples, free DL


The website I was selling this pack at changed their policies in a way where it’s no longer beneficial for me to keep it up there for selling, so here it is for free!

Demo and sampler:

47 unique textured atmospheric pad sounds in 32bit / 44.1khz

Direct download link: http://grumpyhedgehog.me/~speak/atmospheric_pads/atmospheric_pads.zip

If you DL it let me know in this thread please! :heart:


very generous, thank you :wink:

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I never used any pad samples, but they sound like Tycho and I still have a Tycho-like song on my list of things to do, so… :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot!

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Thank you for these !

You’re all most welcome! Hope you have fun with them.

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