$45 = Win + Mac + Lin ?

If I pay $45 do I get current and nightly builds of Win/Lin/Mac or just one platform ?

All of it. For all of your computers. No DRM.

I just paid $48 and was able to download the Mac version, downloaded it, went to download the Win version clicked "I am sure that I paid before. Show me my payment/download status. " Most Recent Download Payment: No Payments on Record
“If you choose to pay US$45 or more: get the current version, updates and the next major version, plus access to nightly (development) builds.”
went to https://nightly.ardour.org/
“Unauthorized Access.”

I had to log into paypal to find my invoice id as there is no record in this Ardour account to
"Upgrade to 5.5,
Change Platforms,
or Download Again "
"Use your ardour.org credentials to identify yourself for download. " for nighty builds still don’t login.

Were you logged in to ardour.org when you made your payment? Despite the warnings we put on the page, this is a suprisingly common mistake.

If not, on the payment choice page, opt to enter the invoice ID and the system will look that up instead of your user account information.

Yes made sure I was logged in at the time of payment.
I still can’t download the nightly builds.
There must be some way to manually add the invoice ID to the account ???

Thanks for fixing Paul, working good now.