4-Track concept EP made in Ardour

Hi everyone,

for the last few months I’ve recorded, mixed and mastered a 4-track concept EP in Ardour3. To make the transitions seemless everything ended up being one big session of > 21 minutes and round about 50 tracks. After mastering the songs were split in Audacity.

Heavily used were the plugins from LinuxDSP, Calf-plugins and ir.lv2 for guitar and bass cabinet simulation.

Apart from a show stopping bug related to the otherwise great Calf-plugins, everything worked like a charm, thank you very much for developing Ardour.

So, here’s the final result on bandcamp:

Alternatively, you can listen to track #2 of the EP on soundcloud:

I’d describe the sound as non-traditional Doom with a focus on melodies and I would be delighted about any opinions or thoughts on the EP.

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Nice sounds. Well produced. For some reason the snare seems really dry to me. It sticks out a little. I like the blend of clear vocals with a little bit of growling/screaming vocals here and there. The heavy slow feel is cool. Cover art is nice too. Did you do that yourself?

Thank you for the feedback, I really appreciate it. Guess you’re right, the snare does seem a bit too loud in the high mids and should have more reverb, I’ll have to keep that in mind for fuiture mixes. The cover I’ve done myself in Blender and GIMP, wanted to go for a retro-ish 70s vibe without the typical round or molten shapes.

Very late, but to be fair, I only discovered the whole linux sound ecosystem like half a year ago.

Wow, I love this, it sounds really polished. Sounds a bit like Ahab or even My Dying Bride, but not in a copied way.

I would love to check out a session file or two of this to learn how to make that type of sound, since I am going for something similar currently. Although it might be a bit hard to open them nowadays :smiley:

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Thanks for pulling this up. I love it. Reminds me on AHAB, too. Both german. Coincidence? :thinking:

Maybe it is just that I know AHAB because I am german too, so it was more likely for me to get to this association :smiley:

Wow, didn’t expect anybody to find this thread again :grin:

Haven’t been able to find the original session so far, but I’ll keep looking and try to create an Ardour template for you. And in hindsight I would have done many things differently, can’t tell if the advice found in the template would be any good.

Nevertheless, if you’re interested I can break down the project structure I currently use for Nomiloth.

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I’d love that :open_mouth: (both options sound like great opportunities)