4 to 6 pin fire wire cable

I’m not sure if I’m placing this i the right part of the forum, but here it goes. I have a Del Insperon 1520 with a 4 pin firewire port. The PerSonis audo interface I want to connect to it (the Inspire 1394) has only a 6 pin jack (like any other firewire interface I’ve seen). If I use a 4 to 6 pin firewire cable like this: http://www.pccables.com/cgi-bin/orders6.cgi?action=Showitem&id=ID7729834&partno=70905&search=FIREWIRE_6P4P&rsite=pccables.comcgi&rcode= , what are the chances the interface will work with my laptop?

I would say just go buy the cable and try it. For 5 dollars nothing wrong with trial and error…

it will work, but you won’t get power for the interface through the cable, so you will still need the external power supply that came with the device. the only difference between 4 pin and 6 pin is the presence or absence of 2 pins carrying power.

thanks guys! That helps me a lot :slight_smile: . Just making sure it will work before I buy the interface, and this interface needs to fun off of an adapter anyway, so it will work fine. Another question though: do FFADO jack drivers support daisy chained firewire devices?