4-channel import and export

I’ve got a question containing 4-channel tracks.
I’m using the latest IRC-channel posted native OSX-Version of Ardour.
There is the possibility to create 4- or more channel tracks but when I try to import such a file it ain’t works. And on the other side, when I am exporting a session down to an audiofile, I’ve got ony the possibility to choose between stereo or mono.
So I’ve got the question, if I may overlooked some details or if this will be regarded in future versions of ardour.

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multichannel (> stereo) export is being worked on for the Finnish Summer of Code project, and will be part of ardour 3.0.

can you describe what happens when you try multichannel import?

The number of outputs on the master bus is not determined by any properties of your audio hardware. Right now, if the user asks for a master bus with a session (its not required to have one, but it is the default), you get a stereo master bus. You should probably file a feature request to allow the user to request a different number of channels on the master (and control) outs.

You can still do multichannel monitoring a new bus that you create yourself, but it is true that setting up the track->bus connections in ardour 2.4 will not be as easy as if it was the master bus itself.

Please file a bug report on multichannel import, otherwise the issue will get lost (forums are not the right place for us to go searching for old bugs). Thanks very much.

When I’m trying multichannel import, ardour creates a new track - named like the file I wanted to import - but leaves it empty, so that I’ve got an empty track. (Anyway, the file is added to the pool on the right top of the page. I also tried to put it out from the pool into the track, but then again nothing happens).
It seems also strange to me, that although I’ve got four outputs in my audio-interface (M-Audio Fast Track Pro USB) , I can only add two outputs to the Master, so that multichannel monitoring is not possible.