4 channel bus automation problem

i created a 4 channel bus, connected it to my soundcard. a 4 channel panner appears. when i move it around, it works fine. i can also record azimuth but when i play it back, the outputs are silent.
i use linux with ardour 8.6
is this a bug?
thanks atuc

Just to check basics here… did you mean a 4 channel track? Busses can’t record, they only process audio passed through them.


i created a bus with 4 channels, the 4 outputs, i connected to my soundcard

the bus has automations for azimuth. when i change the azimuth, it mixes to the 4 speaker, i can also record but when set azimith to play, the outputs are muted

Automation on our multichannel panner does not work. It’s been an outstanding task for many years.

VBAPanner::distribute_one_automated (AudioBuffer& /*src*/, BufferSet& /*obufs*/,
                                     samplepos_t /*start*/, samplepos_t /*end*/,
                                     pframes_t /*nframes*/, pan_t** /*buffers*/, uint32_t /*which*/)
	/* XXX to be implemented */

Ahh thank you for the clarification, yea in that case see Paul’s response. Sorry.