3d spectrogram with snd

hi there,

this is not an ardour question but a snd (the program) question. does anybody here know how to do this with snd?

according to the file description it is done with snd. i would be VERY grateful if somebody could give me some hints on this. i installed snd on linux and i can open a wav file, but from there i am quite lost honestly. i will look at the documentation as well but i would still prefer user experience.


You could search the snd manual for the word spectrogram and learn how to use the program :slight_smile:

The manual is here: https://ccrma.stanford.edu/software/snd/snd/snd.html

Snd is probably not a program that many Ardour users use, so I doubt you can get a ready made recipe for that image here.

Sorry for not being able to help you any more.

thanks, i will do that anyway, but as it was not very clear at first glance i thought i would ask.

I know the question is off-topic for this forum, but why not:

Uncheck “w” (waveform display) and check “f” (frequency display) near lower left of window. Then on “options” menu, choose “transform” and then choose to display “spectrogram” instead of “single transform”. There are many options for choosing window type, etc, and also explore “color/orientation” dialog for setting angle of view and color scheme. I know you can “print to file” to get an image, there may be better options for exporting graphics, I don’t know – not an expert snd user at all :slight_smile: