3D desktop and Ardour

Doug Mclain did some nice screenshots of Ardour running on a Beryl-powered desktop. Amazing stuff. Click on the image to see the full size glory …

Honest, OS X, we still have feelings for you, but your pretty cousin is in town …

Apart from the window decorations it looks very nice.
Same goes for the updated “main” image (although I don’t think the previous one had less eye-candy) :slight_smile:

I’ve been using Beryl as well, and have run into problems when using Jamin. Whenever the parametric EQ display is shown that has the frequency analyzer built in, it locks up my keyboard and partially locks up the X server. (display is frozen, but the mouse still works)

Has anybody else had this problem? Other programs do that similar types of drawing like meterbridge or JAPA work find. So I suspect there is something with the way Jamin draws it’s analyzer canvas that is causing problems with beryl.

I’m using latest svn/cvs of Jamin.

And as can be seen in the screenshot, there’s lots of xruns.

In my experience beryl/compiz and ardour isn’t a great combination, at least on a slightly weaker PC.
I have an Athlon-XP 2000+ with a GeForce 5700 and an Audiophile 2496 and ardour works great with 6ms latencies on a standard 2.6.17 kernel with xfce, but if I run beryl I immediately get xruns.

So my advice is to test thourougly first before starting that 2 hour all-hired-really-expensive-session-musicians recording.


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In my experience beryl/compiz and ardour isn’t a great combination, at least on a slightly weaker PC

Athlon-xp 2100+ Gforce 440 MX. Gentoo w/ realtime kernel. No such problems with beryl here.

The 3d effects in Beryl are very nice, but OSX is still the top of the heap for beautiful rendering. Now if we could just mesh the two…

Beryl does have some lovely 3D renderings. I’m not sure about when developers, whether they are making desktop platforms, construction software or text editors, start telling you that their design is more native and intuitive. That was supposed to be Gmail’s big thing, and often I can’t even determine which part of a message is new with Gmail, in between all the repeated bits, quoted text and backwards ordering of the message. It sounds like marketing speak for ‘We’ve changed it to how we want it and we assume that everybody else in the world is like us’. I’d love to know if Beryl really is that user friendly…