3 Songs recorded in summer 2008

Hey folks,

the only serious project I’ve done with ardour is a CD called “Elefantendieb”.
A german band - after this CD the band discontinued the work due to studying, location, and timing issues.
(But we all are still friends anyhow.)

So here are 3 of 12 songs I’d like to share.

Critiques (positive and negative ones) are very welcome.
The most of the lyrics are in German.

The URL (this is a virtual graphic/photo/sound gallery site.):



was here a comment before, that was deleted?
I think so. What happened here?

(Can I edit my own posts?)

Here is the link again:


There is an image with an arrow to start the download.


Hi, I didn’t post but I did listen to all these songs. What I liked the most, and really struggle to do myself, is the way you have created a clean sound where each instrument can be clearly heard. It creates a really sense of a band playing in harmony with each other, no over the top of each other. Well done!


Hey Stuart,
thank you for the comment. Yeah the clearness of the instruments was the main problem.

(Sometimes after that long time I think I was too generous with the piano volume (my part of this band).)


Nah, the piano sounds great, keep it loud!