3.4 and Hydrogen problem

Just compiled 3.4. Everything seemed ok until I brought up the hydrogen drum machine. When Ardour 3.4 is connected to jack you can not change the BPM in hydrogen. It works fine with 3.3.
I tried this on 3 different installations with the same result.

i don’t work much with that, but when i use Ardour and Hydrogen, i dont care much about Hydrogen’s BPM since all H2 does is play sounds commanded by Ardour via Jack… and BPM depends entirely on Ardour, however master clock is Jack for all that to happen, may be that your case?

Sorry, I wasn’t very clear as to what was happening. When external positional sync in Ardour is set to jack this makes sense but when external positional sync in Ardour is disabled and set to internal I should be able to set the BPM in hydrogen.

If everything is set right, ardour should be master, and hydrogen be slave, meaning that tempo changes in ardour should change the tempo in hydrogen to match so they always play in time.

If you could change the temp in hydrogen then things would go out of sync