3.0 beta 4 : libcairo/pixman problem

Hello !

I’ve done a fresh install of 32 bits version on my laptop and it works fine.

This morning, I’ve installed the 64 bits version on my main machine running Tangostudio (Ubuntu 10.04 based, realtime kernel
When I launch Ardour, I can access the first menu (monitoring, directory, open, create,…) but, just before the display of track editor, it suddenly close.
When I launch it by command line, I get this message :

/opt/Ardour-3.0beta4a_12406/bin/ardour-3.0: symbol lookup error: /opt/Ardour-3.0beta4a_12406/lib/libcairo.so.2: undefined symbol: pixman_image_composite32

I’ve downloaded last version of pixman, re-installed libcairo, but it’s still the same…


usual disclaimer about not discussing A3 on the forums etc...

However, I had the same problem recently, installing the pre-built 64Bit package on Ubuntu 10.04LTS. The Ardour devs can provide more detail, but I believe the problem is known about, and (in my case) was caused by Ardour’s libcairo (contained in the pre-built package) causing the linker to pull in the system libpixman (instead of the pre-built Ardour’s libpixman) and hence there was a mismatch which causes the error. There are ways you can hack around it, but I wouldn’t recommend that unless you are certain you know what you are doing.

This issue is already fixed in svn for 64 bit systems. I need to figure out an equivalent fix for 32 bit and then I’ll do an updated release.

OK !

Thanks for these explanations.
My goal was just testing so I keep on working with 2.8 until new release.

I do precise 32 bits version of 3-beta4 still works fine on my laptop running Tangostudio with “3.0.0-16-lowlatency #29~lucid1 SMP PREEMPT”.
If it could help…

It also means I can use the 32 bits version for testing and reporting on www.linuxmao.org, being an active member.

Thanks again for very fast answer,