24/96 -> DVD

I want to be able to mix to 24/96 then burn to a DVD as audio
not a DVD-A formatted disc
but a music DVD that can play in any DVD player
I know discWelder BRONZE can do this but was wondering if there are plans to incorporate this feature info future versions of Ardour?

we don’t plan to put disc burning features into ardour itself. on linux, there are several very good disc burning applications freely available. it makes no sense to use to spend time duplicating the development already going on for these applications.

right – makes sense
but I guess I wasn’t being clear
burning isn’t as important as needing to export an .iso which can be burned to DVD as audio in a 24/96 format – again, NOT a DVD-A disc
but a DVD which plays high res audio

so something like a front end for:
mjpegtools, dvdauthor, & mkisofs
integrated into Ardour could make it simpler to export an .iso from a project
which can then later be burned to DVD using a external app

ISO tools…

To chime in to what Paul said already, there are a number of great tools that will build an ISO from your sources. The .wav you get from Ardour would be one of the sources.

Ardour does not even build ISOs for CD creation, as a tool for that (gcdmaster) also already exists, and it works extremely well.

If I were you I would take a look at the DVD creation apps available, and choose the one that would suite you best. Create you video file with your favourite video editor and write to DVD with devede.

I see this is an old thread but I just wanted to comment that I am using “Toast Titanium” on my iMac to make music DVD’s at 24/96. It’s very easy and creates on-screen menus for you.

I’ve used this method to transfer from vinyl to DVD at 24/96, burn music DVD’s of high-res (24/96) recordings I’ve bought on-line from Linn Music, plus burn hi-res music DVD’s of a band I play in.

It’s a great way to get into hi-res music.

… Jerry