2 outs for mono track

I feel stupid asking this, but hey, I’m beginner. I’m using Jack (probably not relevant), and I’m doing a lot of re-amping. So I create a mono track for guitar, say, but then when I want to route that to an amp (which has mono input), there are two outputs from that mono track. I should probably only be using one of those? Phase issues? Thanks!

You can pan it all the way to the left and only use the left channel or simply connect both outputs to your amp input. There shouldn’t be any phase issue, I’m pretty sure the mono track panner only mixes left/right volume.

I think you can also disconnect the track from the master bus, and then delete the panner. That will leave you with just one output from the track that you can route to the amp simulator (or are you routing to a real amp using an external output?).

Another option is to use a send to send the dry guitar signal to the amp simulator, then the output of the simulator would be routed to the return on that same channel, and then the channel stays the same, the output of the amp simulator from the return goes through any other plugins you want to add (e.g. equalizer, compressor, etc.) and then to the panner where you can pan as appropriate to the master bus.

Yes you should be using JACK.

When you create the track or bus, select Flex I/O. A default channel will have mono in to stereo out. After removing the panner, examine the track outputs and from the right click menu you can select add/remove audio ports. Remove “R” to get a true mono channel with no panner.

If you want your reamp return into the same channel, say just for monitoring, use an insert. If you want to return to a different channel for tracking, use an external send and patch the return to the track input.

This is not true. Using JACK is optional for this workflow. If a user is comfortable with JACK then by all means use it, but it is not necessary.

To complete my example, I am routing the mono “dry” guitar track to Guitarix running standalone (not as a plugin). I really don’t have an interest in running Guitarix as a plugin at this time, for many reasons. Thanks!

If you’re running to another JACK client (e.g. Guitarix standalone), then yes, you will need JACK. If you were routing via hardware amp stuff, you do not.

If Ardour had a stable patchbay you might be correct. When ports stop disappearing please let me know.

Have you reported this on mantis as a bug, with detailed description and instructions to reproduce it?

It isn’t a bug. Things are working as intended.

Thanks all. Didn’t mean to start a war. Just to close, I do use Jack, because I became I Linux bigot when I ordered a Red Hat 5 disc around 1997, and never looked back. So when I started trying to do audio on here, Jack was the only (reasonable) way to get things to talk. Now I’m in a if-it-ain’t-broke-don’t-fix-it mode, and moving to anything that requires me to think about anything other than music is a waste of my will. As the Brits say, cheers!

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