2-bar count-in - where'd it go?

this has been asked before a few times, but please excuse me as this is my first post since starting to use Ardour a couple of months ago.

I recently reinstalled Ubuntu Studio after a HDD crash. The old system was setup with a 2-bar metronome count-in when recording. I can’t find where this setting is to re-implement it. It must be a recent change since this as asked by users of v3 … or I’m dreaming. Please help!

Those are new features in Ardour5.

There is Menu > Transport > Record w/Count In – That always counts down to the next full bar (at most 2 bars, at least 1 bar, depending on where you start). The transport does not roll while counting in (works at 00:00:00:00).

and there is Transport > Record w/Preroll – the duration is configurable in Preferences > Transport (either wall-clock or musical-time). Ardour locates backwards and starts recording and at rec-stop trims the region.

thank you x42

Unfortunately, I learned that this does not work when using external transport sync (Issue ID 0008068), so in this case it is hard to start recording at bar 1.

Even when moving bar one to a later time, the click is not produced before this first bar is reached when rolling.