2.8.2 for Mac X11? Keybindings?

Some time ago I installed Ardour 2.4.1 under X11. Just curious if the X11 build was deprecated for Mac OSX? When 2.4 was current, the download page warned that the OSX native build was slower and less stable, which is why I went with the X11 version.

Also, in my current installation, NONE of the keybindings work at all. They do nothing - not even . Why? .ardour2/ardour.bindings and .ardour2/ardour.rc exist.


The X11 build is totally deprecated at this point. We do not even build X11 versions of Ardour anymore. The warnings about the native version are not relevant any more.

Your keybindings problem sounds complex.

OK, upgraded to 2.8.2 - with an upgrade to Jack OSX 0.84, it’s up and running and keybindings are working too! Must have been a weird X11 interaction before.