2.8.12 ETA?

Title pretty much says it all - can we expect a new 2.x release any time soon?

Thanks for the responses - lets hope it does arrive sooner rather than later and yes Ben I know it won’t have any new features.

Why excited? 'Cause the next one goes to twelve, that’s one newer…

Seriously though, just because some aren’t affected by the existing bugs, others might be.
If you go to http://tracker.ardour.org/view_all_bug_page.php and set Target Version to 2.8.12 you’ll see that there are seven bugs closed since .11, and 40 others pending. After all .11 is soon to be 10 months old.

Actually there is a fair amount of bugfixes that have gone into it that aren’t in the tracker IIRC. There is a fair amount of work that has gone into it certainly.


Yes, the svn log would be the best way to find out what has actually changed since 2.8.11. The Mixbus-driven fixes probably aren’t listed in Tracker.

Ah okay. That’s clear then :slight_smile:

Thank you

Somehow, I doubt it, as Paul & co. are working very hard on getting Ardour 3.x stable enough for a public release.

Personally, after having used Alpha 4, I don’t think I’ll be giving the 2.x branch another thought. :wink:

According to Paul (in http://ardour.org/node/4284) 2.8.12 should be out within a week or so.


While I certainly understand the brunt of focus is on the 3.0 branch, I think many users who don’t use MIDI will find the 2.X branch quite useful for a while yet, also Mixbus is still based on 2.X so I would guess there will still likely be some activity and beneficial bugfixes to the 2.X branch stemming from that. It would be nice to see a stable bugfixed 2.8.12 to bridge the gap until 3.0 achieves a similar level of stability. 2.X has been an amazing accomplishment and it would be nice to see it fade gracefully away at the potential top of it’s game IMO. Just sayin…

Ardour 3 is quite stable in my optinion but still an early alpha. It will take quite some while until it can completely replace A2. So don’t worry, I’m sure 2.8.12 will be out soon (it has been repeatedly stated that it will) and 2.X won’t be abandoned in the near future. Don’t expect new features though.


Not meaning to be fussy, but just a question: Why is everyone so excited about having a 2.8.12 release of Ardour? Apart from the end marker magically moving around, are there still some other major bugs in 2.8.11 that need to be corrected? Sorry if this is a stupid question, I’m just wondering because I’m quite happy with the current version and don’t really see the need for an update.

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