2.7 for linux?


Does the 2.7 release for Mac mean anything for linux users? Is there a 2.7 coming soon or is it useful to build a new Ardour from svn?

“…as well as our usual source tarball.”

Ok, I thought is was just for Mac :stuck_out_tongue:

uh… is the SAE version only for Mac or also for Linux?

rozea, the basic “SAE version” is only for OS X.

but … the SAE version is exactly the same code as the non-SAE version. It looks different because of an environment variable (ARDOUR_SAE). if you set this environment variable you will get all the “changes” of the SAE version, which are really just reductions in UI complexity and a few changes in default parameter settings.

Ok… but this could be useful for linux users who think that 'Ardour is to hard to use, isn’t?

How do I set that variable exactly (in a file or when using scons)?

thanks in advance