2.5 builds fine: error when running

Built 2.5 on a 64 Studio system, with all dependencies (including jackd 0.109) installed)
installed them as scons asked for them…

Getting this error right after trying to start a session:

Loading session /home/qharley/speaker test using snapshot speaker test (1)
/usr/local/lib64/ardour2/ardour-2.5: symbol lookup error: /usr/local/lib64/ardour2/libardour.so: undefined symbol: jack_get_time

Any ideas?

jack_get_time is supposed to come when you don’t have jackd 0.109 on your system

you must have two versions of JACK installed, since it could not have built without the correct of JACK. having 2 versions of JACK is a bad idea … always.

I did (try) to remove it… I know about the nasty problems that arise

Well, I reinstalled my 64 Studio system to clean up the mess, and I tried again.
Works like a charm now.


Thanks for the quick reply anyway