2.3 crashed, cannot seem to play session

AMD 4200+ 2 gig RAM, IDE for OS and SATA for data, 64Studio/Etch with 2.6.21 RT kernel, running jackd at about 4 ms. I have been dabbling with 2.3 and haven’t had a bit of problems, just trying to learn the new stuff. It crashed for the first time, and while I seem to be able to recover that session, there is no playhead, and I cannot play it back. Other/older sessions are fine.

This was just a test session, playing around, but if it was anything with much time in it, it would be more alarming. Is there any specific (repairable)ways a session could be corrupted? This is no big deal, but I would like to know if sessions can be recovered and still used.

Can it have thrown itself into some different bunch of settings than it was when I was noodling around with it and I just don’t know how to get it back?
thx in advance

Obviously this should not happen at all, but in the worst case you can try the following :

If your session file is named ‘blah.ardour’, then you should find another file in the session directory named ‘blah.ardour.bak’. This is a safety backup which can be used for partial recovery in case of session file corruption. When the backup is made or what it contains depends on whether you have ‘make periodic backups’ enabled and when you last saved your work.
Copying this file to ‘blah2.ardour’ will allow you to open the backup.

Same thing for me. I am back to 2.0.5 on my Pentium IV 3GHz with 1 GB RAM. We have done an entire album with that “old” version … why did I want to upgrade anyway?