2.0beta6 released

We are pleased to announce the next beta release of Ardour 2.0.

This has many substantive internal changes based on many crash reports from the beta5.1 release. There are also a number of notable bug fixes since that release. A summary is shown below:

  • fix issues with possible compiler bug or misuse of multiple inheritance that led to many different crashes during shutdown
  • fix memory leak and CPU hogging during click computation at "far" transport positions
  • undo/redo should be significantly faster (close to ardour 0.99 or better)
  • a little less memory use over time
  • several previously untranslated strings now translated correctly
  • new French translation
  • new About page image from Thorsten Wilms
  • SSE optimizations now actually used for track/bus gain stages
  • big clock always floats on top of other ardour windows
  • fix meter thread access to illegal memory during shutdown
  • mute button now has sensible text color when active
  • use final_prefix properly in gtk2_ardour/SConscript
  • possible fix for crash-inducing handling of "fake" recording regions
  • avoid executable stack
  • reduce calls to fit_to_pixels()
  • fixed double application of gain on tracks/busses with bypassed panners

Note that undo/redo of automation lists is currently disabled. It will return in the next couple of days.

As I am the biggest baby ever…is there a .dmg with an OS X binary on the way?