2.0 beta 8 released

Another solid week of bug fixing leads us to 2.0 beta 8 tarball release. The OS X universal binary is here. Here is the changelog since beta7.1:

  • build process for tarball should actually work for everyone now
  • do not load first snapshot in list when switching to snapshot list
  • make current snapshot be visibly selected in the snapshot list
  • IO objects with no inputs have fixed, defined peak input power (-inf)
  • button sensitivity issues in IOSelector resolved
  • right-hand side of IOSelector should stay visible now
  • use new icons from Thorsten Wilms for rec-enable and hide
  • new Swedish translation care of Petter Sundlöf (thanks!)
  • steps in automation lines no longer vanish with various display changes
  • reloading automation edit history from history files now works
  • freeze now works from session start to end, not zero to end
  • embed now honors BWF timestamps when positioning regions
  • peaks now build for embedded/imported files
  • color changes from Doug & Dave
  • redisplay editor window after switching snapshots
  • track mode switch is now possible (normal<->tape) but this is a work in progress
  • don't always redirect key events in plugin editors, allowing text entry into parameter control boxes
  • crash when changing track align style fixed
  • playlist selection operation now does some mapping across all selected tracks
  • in rulers, position playhead on button press, not release
  • fix crash during region export

problems with many options in the menus continue, here do not appear some in ardour2-gtk.

here have a screeshot.



presumably this works if you set LANG=en_US.UTF-8 ?

also, you’re suffering from the horribly broken new Clearlooks engine. we hope to fix this soon - Ardour is not supposed to have all those ugly white lines on widgets.

allright, with the UTF-8 work very well.


sorry, but work fine only with english, I set to pt_BR.UTF-8, and the problem continue.



this tuto solving my problem, I use a debian-box!

thanks all.

Nice with Ardour 2!

For you Gentoo users out there I made my self an ebuild for
easy installation with emerge. Support for compiling VST support but you will have to
download the VST SDK manually due to licences.

I will do some more testing with the ebuild but if any one
wants it just tell me and I will make it availabe.

Regards // Overgaard

I try to start on a Mac OS X 10.3.9 PPC and get this:

The domain/default pair of (.GlobalPreferences, AppleCollationOrder) does not exist
dyld: /Applications/Ardour2.app/Contents/Resources/bin/ardour Undefined symbols:

removed my inapplicable post…