2.0.2 "fixup" released

There was an error in the source tarball released as 2.0.1. We are therefore releasing 2.0.2 as a fix for this. The OS X DMG of 2.0.1 does NOT have this error in it, there is no reason to upgrade if you have downloaded the DMG of 2.0.1 2.0.2 is identical to 2.0.1 except that it actually includes all all the fixes listed below rather than all but one. There is a new DMG as well, just for consistency, but to repeat: OS X users have no reason to upgrade at this time.

A week or so after the release of 2.0, we bring you the inevitable "fixup" release of 2.0.2. This contains fixes for a couple of serious crashing bugs, some help for OS X first time users and a few irritations. You can, as usual, fetch the source code or for OS X, the DMG.

Note that because of the severity of the crash bugs and the number of links that exist to the 2.0 release, this release will "hide" the 2.0 release from now on. If you attempt to download 2.0, you will actually get this release.

  • Fix crash bug when loading a new session into an existing Ardour instance
  • Fix crash bug #1637, occuring when using Ctrl-drag to copy regions
  • Fix naming-related issue when adding multiple busses at the same time
  • On OS X, explicitly check for X11 and JACK, and if missing post a dialog before exiting
  • Fix problems on OS X when the Ardour application was installed somewhere beneath a folder containing a space in the name. This (amazingly) appears to the user by showing all text as black blocks.
  • Make sure plugin GUI's appear on top of the editor and other windows
  • Enable clicks on plugins/inserts/send names to work even when numlock is engaged.
  • Merge a couple of changes from the Xdubber branch

Brilliant. It’s great to have the ctrl-click bug fixed. The more I use Ardour, the more impressed (and grateful for) I am at the attention paid to usability. I originally just wanted to investigate open-source audio tools, but now it’s looking like Ardour is an important creative option.

Opensource is good but when you have a firm doing so much its hard to ignore them and there is no doubt that Ardor is fantastic from a usability point of view!

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