1st composition made with Ardour2/FreeBSD-6.3 on 3 days (1st time use !)

A movie’s musics chunk mix with some effects.


Emotion & Memory trip !
Enjoy !

Movies chunk included :
12Monkeys, T. Gilliam
Barbarella, R. Vadim
North by North West, A. Hitchcock
Rear Window, A. Hitchcock
Baisers Volés, F. Truffaut
Last Tango in Paris, Bertolucci

Music chunk :
l’Etang (Misraki) by Blossom Dearie

Ardour2 Feature : 5 tracks, 1 bus, 1 ladspa Fx

Many thanks to Ardour2 team.
Comment : jackd is unstable on FreeBSD-6.3, but actually usable, some caveats in order to properly use it.
jackd/FreeBSD-6.3 best parameters with OSS are :
% jackd -R -doss -b -r 44100 -p 2048 -n 4

Best Regards,


You are crazy man!!!
I like your creativity