18 months later, my RPi-Ardour-Guitarix multi-effects processor is finished

Huge thanks to robin, paul and hermann.

  • 17 amp sims
  • Thousands of tones, both pre-configured and configurable
  • 180 generic backing tracks in various tempos, styles and keys
  • 100+ tone-and-looper-automating iconic backing tracks from rock history
  • Change key and tempo on the fly (for vocal range, learning, etc)
  • Mute/unmute bass/melody for playing with a bassist or singing along
  • 100% touchless operation (with touchscreen option)

Let me know what you think!

  • Cyrus

p.s. https://shop.thingamagig.com


Is there an option to have Alexa sing backing vocals? :slight_smile:


That is massively impressive. Wow! I’ve never seen a real use case for Alexa until now! Great work!!!



Hats off to the vision, the research, the hard work and the finished product! Take a deep breath and pat yourself on the back… Your ambition is quite inspiring!

All the best with your venture!

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