16th note triplet Funky Jazz Blues on TD-7kit


that’s a 16th note triplet Funky Jazz Blues

Hydrogen Drum Machine TD-7kit
Ardour DAW & Ladspa plugins
Squier Affinity Stratocaster guitar
Digitech RP350 guitar multi-effect processor (direct to the computer)
Bass is the same guitar with pitch shift, 1 octave down.

2 minutes and 40 seconds - how many hours did it take to create this track?
it is very sophisticated - awesome guitar playhing and the drums sound great - I like it a lot.

First of all thank you!
I didn’t expect to receive so much attention.

Yes there is a couple of weird patterns, especially after the rest.
When programming drums I like trying strange things, just experimenting, putting long rests, moving beats… I use it a lot to study odd times (hence the name) and polyrhythms.
And that Hydrogen song was not intended to become this tune.

Also the (real) drummer of my trio said that I need Colaiuta to play this stuff! Or just a drummer with lots of hands!

I don’t remember how did it take to write the drums (not to much, maybe 20 min), but for the recording, editing and mixing I spend an afternoon.
The theme came just improvising along the drums, so I decided to do the work. Unfortunately I record many takes because I am never satisfied.


Very nice, just some of the drum breaks are a little weird for me.

Yeah, I was thinking the same thing. Programming drums is always tough. It needs Vinny Coliuta!