11/4 rock-fusion tune with H2 Ultra Acoustic Kit

uploaded a new odd original track featuring Hydrogen Ultra Acoustic Kit:

Ardour Digital Audio Workstation
Hydrogen Drum Machine - Ultra Acoustic Kit
Ladspa plugins
Invada Studio Compressor

Fender Std Strat Guitar through Digitech RP350 multi-effect processor
Ibanez EDB405 Ergodyne Bass


Great recording! Very impressive chops, and the drum programming is also very well done. I think guitar/bass instrument sounds and mix are really great other than the actual H2 drumkit… it doesn’t sound acoustic at all to me but I’m extremely picky. Anyway simply a matter of opinion but your command of the instruments and software is unquestioned, thanks for sharing!

For future reference here is an acoustic H2 drumkit completely multisampled from my own black Pearl DX Professional series drumkit and although it is far from perfect I think it is a more genuinely acoustic sounding kit than many of the default H2 offerings… Your mileage (and opinion) may vary…


I agree, but I have nothing to do with the name they gave to this kit.
I already had The Black Pearl 1.0 kit and it’s one of the best kits for me.
I like the 3.0 version even more! the Roto toms are fantastic and I like also the kick more. What are exactly all the differences between 1.0 and 3.0? Are there other versions?
So, nice to meet you and thank you for sharing it!


Nice to meet you too, I envy how comfortable you are with ‘odd’ time signatures, you make it sound easy and hehe, sorry… I realize that ‘Ultra Acoustic’ just the name of the H2 kit. :).

The difference between the Black Pearl kits is 1.0 had a different kick and no rotos, I then added a splash cymbal changed the kick mic position and loosened the drumhead and created two separate 2.0 versions with and without rotos but then thought it was confusing for potential users so I consolidated it into a single 3.0 kit with everything. I plan on adding a second darker crash cymbal and re-doing the snare sidesticks in the near future if time allows.

Keep up the great work!

PS… To anyone else reading AV Linux users get the 3.0 version included with AV Linux 6.0.1b

I am not a Zappa fan, actually I haven’t listened to him more than few times.
… sorry

drums sound a little bit synthetic

nice composition and recording, as well as performance. :slight_smile: