100% Ardour/Ubuntu Studio. Feedback please

This was recorded using Ubuntu Studio and Ardour. The more I work in Ardour the more I love the software. Very powerful pluggins, intuitive interface and power. This was all done on a core-2-duo with 8 gigs of ram. I bought the computer for less than $100. I am using an M-Audio Delta 44 audio interface (used for $65). The mixer is a $125 Behringer Mixer.

Would love feedback on this tune. Its called “Britt’s Song”


Same configuration like mine, Ubuntu Studio ad Ardour.
That’s a nice tune, very good acoustics and voice. She looks like Rumer alot.
About the mixer… I was thinking about getting one. I guess mixing all the tracks on Ardour it would be a pain in the butt.

Very nice, vald. How did you process the vocal? I like it.

Here in my hd600 sounds real good! Great Work!

Nice work.
Sounds very clean overall. How is the recording room set up?

Thank you to all of you for your comments.

For the vocal, We used an MXL V250 running through a presonus channel strip. The Presonus is a nice mic-pre/compressor with EQ.
Britts voice is very nice and easy to work with.

All of the reverb and eq is done in the Ardour pluggins.

The room is nothing special. An office I rent. Good acoustics I guess.

Thank you again!

Update. We added Congas and had the track mastered. Have a listen!



Late to the party on this one, but I very much enjoyed it, excellent production not only in the sense of a good mix, but also in the sense of framing of the instruments and creating an ambience and mood for the song which is quite hypnotic to listen to, the lead acoustic guitar sounds fresh all the way through and does not sound repetitive. Very tight percussion and the vocal harmonies are gorgeous. Very nicely done :slight_smile: Will look forward to more…

Thank you!

Very inspiring to hear this kind of material produced with Ardour, makes my faith turn into reason!

For those of you who might be interested, I posted another song in the Made with Ardour group. Would love your feedback.