10.3.9 Version of new Ardour 2.0rc1 release

Hi there,

I’d really like to test the new features but I have OSX 10.3.9. Could you please create a DMG package for that, too…?


There is no RC1 release yet, the version just released was beta 12. I think there has been plans to release 10.3.x compatible releases of the RC series and the final 2.0. But no 10.3.x build of beta 12 is available.

Yes, I can build you a 10.3.x version of beta12. I was just waiting to see if someone requested it. I’ll post again when it is up.



Following on from the original subject of this thread, would it be possible to have a panther package of the new 2.0rc1 created?

I’m very keen to use 2.0 but am sadly still on OS X 10.3.9 (on PPC), and am reluctant to buy tiger at the moment with leopard (hopefully?) just around the corner.

I’ve been trying to build it myself in order to avoid asking for this, but have so far been unable to overcome the problems I’ve been having.

Anyway, I hope this is possible, it would be very much appreciated :slight_smile:

Cheers, all the best,


what’s the protocol for building a new installer? Much more than installing deps and compiling SVN code? I have a 10.3 system in my studio that people are asking about and I’d like to try and bring it up to the same version as the Linux system that I compiled from source.

Just checking in to see if there might be an installer of 2.0.2 for OS X.3.9.

Coming soon? Not coming?

I feel that the plugin/crashing problems I am having might be solved with v2 and I am not really in a position to get Tiger (due to my other software on Panther). I really love Ardour and want to continue.