002R and Ardour

Hi there,

I initially had a setup working with my digidesign 002R and Ardour for OS X. It worked flawlessly and seemed very promising. I want to use ardour for mastering via JAMin (I got JAMin going on os x following another post on this forum, thanks!). However the second time I launched it I got errors:

[ERROR]: AudioEngine: cannot connect ardour-01:auditioner/out 1 (ardour-01:auditioner/out 1) to coreaudio:Built-in Audio:in1 (coreaudio:Built-in Audio:in1)
[ERROR]: AudioEngine: cannot connect ardour-01:auditioner/out 2 (ardour-01:auditioner/out 2) to coreaudio:Built-in Audio:in2 (coreaudio:Built-in Audio:in2)

What seems strange is when I go to the Audiotioner options, it gives my my interfaces inputs as output options!! And when I check the input options for an individual tradck it lists my Digi 002R outputs as the options?? Am I missing something here? BTW Im running jack from the commandline as I cant get qjackctrl to function properly; my jack commandline is the following and as I said it worked fine the first time (worked fine with JAMin also):

jackd -d coreaudio -d DigidesignCoreAudio10 -r44100 -p128 -i18 -o2
jackd 0.102.20

Any advice appreciated…

thanks in advance

0.99.3 for OS X. I did not build from source, just pre-compiled binary, please help…

thanks again in advance

Those are harmless warning messages that the Auditioner isn’t hooked up.

We don’t have a way to automatically connect to any hardware besides “Built-In”. Once you’ve hooked up the Auditioner, it’ll be saved with that session and you won’t have to worry about it. I’ll look into getting this fixed with version 2.0.

you didn’t mention which version of ardour?

How is the 002R working for you with Ardour? I also have this interface and had some trouble with the system freezing and Ardour quitting unexpectedly. I haven’t tried it again, I’ve been using Ardour a little with the built in audio on my Powerbook 12", and so far no such problems. Just wondered if you have had success with the 002R. What version of the coreaudio driver are you using?