Xrun keep coming when using VSTs

Hi again @GMaq and really thanks a lot for the help.

I was reading Yabridge’s repository Readme.md at section Performance tuning and I found out the author highly recommend to use “a build of Wine compiled with Proton’s fsync or FUTEX2 patches”.
I googled a lot but I can’t find a way to know if in AVLinux Wine is built with this features, could you help me with that? Do you think it could solve my problem or for you is it more likely a dead end?

Wine-Staging in AV Linux is the official WineHQ sources Packaged by the MX Linux Packagers, it is not packaged with those patches… Do you insist on 128fpp for your buffers setting? Is 256 not sufficient? If 256fpp works without Xruns I would be happy with that on any Linux system running out of platform Plugins to be honest…

@deperito Can you point to the authoritative source of Proton’s fsync or FUTEX2 patches? AFAICT, they aren’t merged in the WineHQ dev tree, which means they are likely not folded into any “stock” distro builds. I’m not brave^Wmotivated enough to disentangle the “maze of twisty passages, each alike” of out-of-tree repos like the one for wine-tgk.

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