What's up with Ardour on OS X

I was just wondering why the test build for intel is posted on the irc channel but this one: http://releases.ardour.org/Ardour2.5.alpha2.app.zip that works on PPC macs is not.

We don’t post URL’s for native builds here. But to show that we’re not nasty people, I’ll leave your posting up :slight_smile: The file at that location may vanish at any time.

As a Mac and Linux user, I would like to point that I am not too much concerned about the Mac native (Acqua) application: the X11 version is much more efficient and performs the same on both platforms, even if the Apple’s X11 is pretty bad. I really appreciate to be able to share my Ardour sessions between different machines with minimal changes to my habits. (I would not use Emacs on Macintosh if the commands would be different.)

I am therefore much more concerned with the improvements that would make Ardour better for the musicians, and waiting for the 2.5 and the 3.0 versions… Thanks a lot for developing this great software, which is pretty good, yet.

This is going to be good!

I don’t want to sound naggy, but it’s been almost a month since this was last updated, so what’s going on now? Sidenote: I’m more interested in the x11 version too.

The X11 version will be out today (August 14th). There are still some nagging problems with the native version, but they will be fixed by August 25th for sure.

Nice, I can’t wait!

What he said.
I can’t wait to get it as well.

were those nagging problems fixed? Oh no, wait, am I the nagging problem? :open_mouth:

Is the X11 version still buggy? Any complain about it?

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I heard that there are some buggs. Hope they are corrected by now. MikeCrabe from fitness equipment stores

I hope the work on OSX is not affecting the pace of ardour’s development for linux. I am really amazed by what efforts you devs are producing to get ardour to work on alternative OS’s. Thanks!!!