Using automation with arturia pigments changes pitch

Currently using Ardour 6.8.0

When I use Pigments 3 synth and use the sequencer, If I assign automation to a parameter or macro such as the decay envelope the notes unpredictably shift key/pitch when using automation. The sequence also plays when a note isn’t being played.

Video link below shows the problem:

What happens if you just use no automation data but wiggle that automation fader during playback?

It works perfectly, only when the automation data is prerecorded into the track this issue occurs

actually testing it out again, it seems like if I wiggle the automation fader the pitch plays normally but the sequence occasionally plays when a note isn’t being played

Seems plausible to me that this is a bug in the synth. Do you have any other DAWs you can test the plugin with?

Yes, I can try it in cakewalk

So I gave it a try in cakewalk and the automation worked perfectly.
video link shows it working properly, (Ignore the minor click and pop noises these were caused by a problem with the screen recorder but not with the daw).

Please file a bug at (separate login, our apologies for that). Include instructions on how to find a demo/free version of the plugin.

Can you try Ardour 6.9?

Ardour 6.8 split VST3 process cycles on every automation event. That was fixed in 6.9.


Say you run at 1024 samples/cycle, but an automation event occurs 234 samples into the cycle. Ardour 6.8 processed 234, changed the value and then continued to process the remaining 790 samples. For VST3 that is not necessary, and can lead to issues.

When manually moving a fader, that does not happen. A fixed value is used per cycle.

There may well be another issue that causes the behavior you describe, but there is a chance that Ardour 6.9 already fixes it.

Awesome it works perfectly and the notes also play when they should, this must have been what was causing the issue, everything seems to be working.

Thank you all for your help

Excellent bug report too :smiley: Thanks!

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