Use Midi device to control parameter automation

Hi. I’m a complete newbie to not only Ardour but any DAW or audio software.
I managed to use Amplitube plugin and control wah pedal with an automation parameter.
I also managed to have my “Line6 FBV Express MKII” recognized by Ardour in a separate Midi track.
Sorry if this is a RTFM kind of post but I’m completely clueless and also I’m can’t go very deep in this hobby… I just want to be able to save some guitar tracks (I managed to do that already) and would be great to be able to use the pedal.
Can someone help? Thanks
Here’s a screenshot of what a managed so far:

You’re looking for Ardour Manual - MIDI Learn.

In short:
Do not use a MIDI track, but enable the Generic MIDI control surface (Edit > Preferences > Control Surfaces > Generic MIDI) and connect the foot contoller to that instead.

Then hold Ctrl key and middle-mouse-button click on the Slider to map (e.g. Amplitube Param1 visible in your screenshot). Then move the pedal to create the association.

PS. For the current Param1, you will first have to change the mode from “Play” to “Touch” or “Manual”, otherwise you cannot move the slider.

Thanks, I would never figure this one out.
I use the first option on the incoming midi and it’s the only one that makes an association.
So now I’ve managed to link to the pedal but the input is completely bogus.
It works only if I move the pedal extremely slow… and not always :-
Any idea why?
Here’s a snapshot:

Raising “smoothing” to 30 seams to make it work… How’s that?

Yes :slight_smile:

tl;dr: increase smoothing value or enable “motorized” (even though the pedal isn’t)

If motorized is disabled, Ardour ignores all control events from the hardware until the pedal’s position is close to the internal parameter-value. The “smoothing” control allows to configure this, a small value prevents discontinuities (the parameter cannot jump large distances when you move the pedal). The larger the value, the easier it is to rapidly change the control.

A longer explanation can be found at Encoder initial value when a session is loaded - #11 by x42 and Feature: Lazy sliders - #3 by x42

Gee… I would definitely never have guessed it.

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