Undefined symbol: __exp2f_finite

Hello, with Ardour6 from Opensuse buildserver, there is a crash when exporting project with the option “Analyze exported audio” (or similar) is checked. Error is:
/usr/lib64/ardour6/ardour-6.0.360c81b: symbol lookup error: /usr/lib64/ardour6/vamp/libardourvampplugins.so: undefined symbol: __exp2f_finite

Google didn’t help too much, maybe this: https://github.com/google/filament/issues/2146#issuecomment-590101241

It seems that it happens only with ardour compiled for opensuse Tumbleweed, not Leap.


Please note that we do not and cannot support any versions of Ardour built by third parties.

When you run into problems with such builds, you should check to see if the problema also occurs with the free/demo version available at http://ardour.org/download. If there is no problem with our free/demo build, talk to whoever is responsible for the one you were using.

If the problem does occur with our free/demo build, we can take a look (probably).

Sure, it’s understandable… an hint on what look for ?
Official version is fine.

Looks like opensuse build against glibc 2.30 , and your runtime has 2.31.
The underlying issue is underlinking against libm.

see also
A-compressor and others not available after upgrading and https://github.com/pure-data/pure-data/issues/975

The odd part is that since 6.0-rc1-252-g58a5e256a9 Ardour explicitly links against libm. So this is likely due to some distro provided dependencies, or maybe the distro-build --use-external-libs and qm-dsp isn’t linked to libm…

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Thanks Robin, it was qm-dsp linked with 2.30. Fixed now !

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