Ubuntu Studio and ZynAddSubfx FIXED

Rghvdberg (how do you pronounce that…?)



Robertus Gerardus Hendrikus van den Berg :yum:

My my Rghvdberg, that is some handle… Cant think why you would want to abbreviate it… :upside_down_face:

SUCCESS…!!! Managed to follow this tutorial;
I already had installed the latest Ubuntu Studio, so followed the guide to installing the KXStudio repositries and although there was a twitchy moment or 2 getting the Microsoft font thingy in, I managed to sort that by using Synaptics and choosing the ‘Fix Broken Packages’ option which duly did what it said it would… One reboot later and I have massively increased my list of installed plugins and many more pieces of software that are looking like shiny toys at the mo… And Zyn plugin works…!!!

Gonna takes ages of fiddling about to see what all this new stuff can do, but everything shiny right now and am loving it…!!

Just to add a quick moment of surprise, now that I have added the line ‘pactl set-default-sink jack_out && a2jmidid -e &’ to my QjackCtl (Setup/Options/Execute script after Startup), all of my audio now works… By that I mean I can watch videos, listen to music, run Ardour and it all works with Jack running, before I had to stop Jack in order to use my browser or anything other than specific Jack stuff… extra shiny…!

Just wanted to wrap up my topic by saying that after a few weeks of use, everything is working flawlessly now.
Latest Ubuntu Studio with the KXstudio repositories has given me a massive amount of toys to play with, and of course Zyn is now working as it should. Have actually made very little music as have spent so much time checking out all these tools, real easy to get distracted by the next shiny thing available to me…

Only one teensy tiny fly in the ointment is the mscorefonts. These seem to be a requirement for the KXstudio repositories. I have found that I have to install these manually and my auto updates always give an error when it tries to do it for me.
Anyone else experiencing a problem with this, this is my way of doing it, but I bet there are better ways out there…
Download the latest ttf-mscorefonts-installer (3.7 at the time of writing this) from sourceforge.
open a terminal and type;
sudo dpkg -i ‘/*/TTF Microsoft/ttf-mscorefonts-installer_3.7_all.deb’
where * is the path to where the file is located (mine is ‘/media/steve/Apps/TTF Microsoft/ttf-mscorefonts-installer_3.7_all.deb’ for example)
Thats it…!
Big thanks to all those that chipped in with help. I am not the sort of noob that wanted to spend any time configuring my system, just wanted to make music… You guys were invaluble in getting me there and I am very grateful…