Thoughts on midi tracks

Great, looking forward to try it!

very nice. looks like it will fit right in with ardour’s look too. nice job :slight_smile:


The latest screenshot showing both scroomer and piano roll header. The keys on the scroomer are likely to be removed. Also changed the midi region transparency to enhance the visibility of the piano roll lines beneath regions:

i think the keys need to be on the ‘scroomer’, otherwise it is much harder to get a quick idea of the exact location of the zoom area. to tell you the truth, i’d prefer it without the larger keys next to it, as the light/dark areas on the region area show essentially the same information. i’m sure a lot of people would disagree with me though. maybe make it toggleable?


The argument to make it stay there is to use it for testing notes, and to highlight notes when played. Initially I thought that it need not be there too, but now I’m convinced that it is a necessity.

yeah, i didn’t think of that. you are right. :slight_smile:

keep it up!


New mockup based on audun’s latest:

I have now created a patch for people to test. It contains new scroomer widget/midi scroomer, new (unfinished) piano roll header widget, and a new Lineset canvas item that draws the midi track underlay.


i really like the mockup thorwil. the circles do make sense (in terms of ensuring they aren’t confused for ranges). i also like the diagonal ‘zoom’ highlight (don’t know how else to describe it… it is almost 2am here…). i still believe the circles (or whatever handles) should only appear when the mouse is over some part of the scroomer widgit. i don’t mean the mouse has to be where the circles are for them to appear, but anywhere on the piano scroomer widget itself. i think many midi tracks on screen will look messy otherwise.

this is all looking really good though guys :slight_smile:


thorwil: love those retro looking piano keys with the little shadow:) Will try to do something similar in the code!

I implemented something that looks like thorwil’s shaded piano keys, and the shades are inverted on click (nothing happens on mouse over yet). It kind of looks like some 80’s based drum machine or something, don’t know if that is good or bad. At least I think it’s kind of cool to look at:)

and the link: ardour-scroomer-pianoroll4.png

Just a bit more:

i quite like the 2nd mockup there. the colours help with clarity as well. i do like your previous round scroomer handles though.


Just wanted to post a screenshot that sums up the results from my recent ardour hacking. Looking past the overkill-factor in the picture, we see a midi track with four “ghost streams”, three audio and one midi, which all use the color from the originating track. Midi ghost streams are nice when you want to compose and arrange stuff, and audio ghost streams are nice when you want to edit midi perfectly synced to the audio. We can see the new outlined waveforms as well (recently committed to svn ongoing).


audun: cool, but what’s up with the gaps on the lower piano bar, bottom 2 black keys?

that’s a rendering bug:)

i think there needs to be better separation between the two midi tracks, as it was hard to tell where one scroomer ended and the next began. apart from that (and my insisting that i like the round handles) it is looking great! :slight_smile:


agreed. I just haven’t got to that bit yet, as the line to be drawn is in a widget instead of a canvas, so it wouldn’t be the same line.