The Ardour/Alsa Connection mess

Oh lordy … so it is the poetterNIX effect again.?
Pulseaudio is the last PoetterNIX software I allow to run as all my problems the last 5 years were systenD/PoetterNIX, I mean everything.
As I understand, Pulseaudio … nice as it is is, is also a PoetterNIX creation.
But as all such things treats the rest of Linux with absolute disregard.
Replaces SYSVinit with horrible results for sysadmins trying to run SYSV scripts on the systemd INIT system. Completely drops @reboot support in CRON, with bad bad results. Most of the time you are not even aware that SYSVinit was not started but systemDinit instead. You install a small gnome app and low and behold without you noticing it also replases SYSV with SystemDInit and you usually dont notice. I now have cronjobs on all the servers I manage just looking out for PoetterNIX software installing without consent.
My systems stabilised nicely since I run NO systemD or PoetterNIX.

No I can only thank you, for asking pointed questions.
I can see where the fish rots now.

It seems that jack manages to wrestle Alsa out of the coils of Pulseaudio, but knowing the PoetterNIX software behavior I would not blame Ardour a bit !

The solution at this stage is to UNINSTALL Pulseaudio.
Pulseaudio is rather nice, but since it is PoetterNIX it has to go as it will bite, as it has.
Unless Ardour6 didnt fix this;
Is it possible that you can wrestle a bit harder in subsequent Ardour implementations to get Interface out of Pulse’s coils ?. You have my sympathy… This is technically not Ardour’s fault, but from my experience the PoetterNIX family of software is in general flux, break things/norms/customs and then just turns around and do something else in the next release.

I am pretty sure I am one of the few that uses Pulse with Alsa/Ardour. Alsa/Jack/Ardour

…and even if it didn’t it’d be great to learn why it’s still an issue on your system. Since apparently jackd succeeds in doing so.

So, I uninstalled Pulseaudio and now it works.
Better to continue this discussion once I install the latest Ardour.
But this has been giving me headaches for years.

I really appreciate it that you solved it and technically not even Ardour’s problem.
Thanks a lot Robin. You’re the ACE.

Yay! That’s great to hear.

It might be a bit of a drastic solution, but I won’t argue. systemD/pulse is an entirely different topic; besides it may still be an issue with Ardour. Although Ardour/Pulse D-Bus communication is known to work on other system.

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