Suggestion: Video Tutorials for Ardour

Try kdenlive for video – it has come a long way in the past few months. I’m sorry to hear about your hand! For screen capture I’ve used vokoscreen on linux but there are some others. The big thing is finding one that works okay with Jack.

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Thanks I appreciate it but follow-up question… Am I going to have to use Jack? Ardour seems to work better with ALSA nowadays. I can’t remember the last time I used Jack and to be perfectly honest… I would love to not have to lol. I will also have a Zoom Q8 in the room, so I was actually just planning on multi-ing the monitor mix to the Q8 to track the audio from the DAW.

Vokoscreen works with ALSA but not Jack, so it may be a good match for what you’re doing. I do jack because … well, I’ve been doing linux audio a long time and I’ve just always just used Jack. If you are able to use ALSA, then that will work just as well, I’m sure.

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Thanks man. Turns out, vokoscreen is bundled in with UbuntuStudio, and since I keep my production computer off the internet I decided to try it out. It seems like its working okay. I too have been exclusively on Linux for some time (12ish years), but I still don’t miss Jack.