Send multiple tracks to one buss

How can I send X highlighted tracks to one buss? Neither Shift nor CTRL works. Grouping doesn’t help.

There’s no single operation to do this.

If you put them into a group, you can click on the group tab and pick “Subgroup”, which will disconnect the track main outs and wire them to the bus inputs.

If you want aux sends from the different tracks to a bus, there is no single command that will do this. You have to do it for each track, 1 by 1.

Would be a good feature request.

…or a case for a Lua script :slight_smile:

Hm, I’ll do a FR. Because you can temporarily do stuff with pressed CTRL Key to multiple tracks – why not Ins/Outs/Sends. :slight_smile:

sonnie: x42 already wrote the lua script and committed it to the git repository.

Now I need to learn how to use additional files. :-/
But its pretty cool though! :slight_smile: